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Festival season

Who doesn’t love a festival? Spending the day outside, listening to live music, enjoying fantastic art and culture, eating delicious food and spending time with friends. It all sounds pretty perfect, however it is extremely important to look after your health whilst having a great time. From the big music concerts like Glastonbury and Reading, to smaller local fests, child-friendly events, and celebrations of art, film, food and culture, it’s a great excuse to enjoy the great British summer. However, no matter which festival you choose to visit, the need to stay healthy applies to all.

It’s no secret that it’s vital to stay hydrated in the summer. At a festival it is easy to get carried away with drinking alcohol, sugary soft drinks or energy drinks, and the queue for the portaloos may put you off reaching for water. Most festivals will have fill-up stations where you can top up your reusable water bottle. Dehydration can drain your energy levels, intensify the negative effects of alcohol and make you feel unwell, so don’t let a lack of H2O ruin your weekend! According to the Eatwell Guide, we should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water or water based fluid each day.

The UK may not be famous for blazing hot summers, but sun safety is essential for enjoying festival season. Remember to wear a good SPF when you’re going to be spending time in the sun, as harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer. Pack a hat and sunglasses in your festival bag and spend time in the shade, as even the most keen sunseekers should avoid full, direct sunshine!

Festivals are busy places that are packed with people all sharing the same facilities and services, which means hygiene is of utmost importance. The best thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting unwell is to regularly wash your hands to get rid of germs. Finding a wash basin may not always be that easy or accessible, so carry an anti-bacterial hand gel at all times so that you don’t get caught out.

While there are lots of precautions to consider, there are also some great health benefits to visiting a festival! Spending time outside boosts your vitamin D levels, dancing and having fun is great exercise and enhances your mood, and being in new, rural surroundings is a good way to switch off from social media and spend time away from screens.

Are you visiting a festival this summer? If you have any concerns about what medication to pack or how best to prepare for your trip, speak to us in the pharmacy where we will always be happy to help.

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